Time flies. Two years and I’m still growing from what I learned. I guess those are the best lessons aren’t they? The ones that continue to teach you long after they’ve been given. 

Looking forward to this new year with the same old family, friends, and passions. Keep the good constants in life and improve on the not so good. 

One thing I want to do more this year is write. Another would be to draw. A third is to travel. So many things, I hope I can get to them all. There are still eleven months left in the year, I think I can do it.

Amazing What A Difference A Year Makes.

It’s hard to imagine that on this day exactly one year ago, my world was falling apart. Now all the pieces in my life are falling into place, and I thank the Lord for giving me the strength to get through the hard times in this past year.

I’ve become such a different person, for the better. And as a result, life has gotten much sweeter and happier.

<3, never give up.

My love is strong and sure.
My anger is harsh, fierce and relentless.
My happiness is contagious and uninhibited.

I am violent, competitive, and jealous.
But I’m also very forgiving and open.

I won’t let anything or anyone ruin what I deserve.

I don&#8217;t see them as much as I would like but always the closest :)
Ignore the silly friend behind us lol.

I don’t see them as much as I would like but always the closest :)

Ignore the silly friend behind us lol.

Be open minded and you’ll be happy.

Follow your dreams, don’t let anyone try to dissuade you from what you want to do. Everyone reaches success through different routes, don’t judge people if they don’t follow the same path you do.

Take your time, don’t rush into decisions that can change your entire life.

"Have fun and make friends."

The advice of my dance mentor/teacher, Ceech, for the battle I’m entering tonight. Haha. I’m definitely hoping to make new friends! First official battle! Wish me luck, I’m going in as KPop. Been cyphering and training all week, we’ll see how it goes :)

Two great weekends in a row, will there be a third?! We’ll see, happy Monday y’all.